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Having many investment methods allows us to maintain a constant high interest rate for our clients. One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that talkearnings provides bank guarantee and insurance in investing funds. We strive to improve our performance by being instantly responsive to the needs of our clients and learning from our experie. Today, there is a number of well-known investment companies, created on the basis of talkearnings and many corporations and individuals have found talkearnings a rewarding place to invest. We hope you’ll join us and discover these rewards for yourself.


Talkearning’s mission is the provision of qualitative, competitive and absolutely legal services on the territory of different countries of the world, that’s why the work of branches in various countries is strictly organized within the framework of the regional legislation, and at the same time completely corresponds to the world standards. Our services allow to reduce risks for beginners and get average stable income from markets.
Skilled traders, who earn several years on Forex, stocks and other markets, may use our services as additional way to make profit, but without difficulties, high risks and time wasting.

Talkearnings is initiated by a group of experts engaged in various speculative transactions giving high percent on earnings of investment funds. The company uses experience of investment strategy which we got during past years of investment. By now the decision has been made to take new level of investment to offer the knowledge and the experience to others.

Talkearnings, a world class network and software development company, designs and operates automatic robots to make money from Forex Market. Talkearnings was founded in 2010 by a group of skilled analysts and experienced traders to create a secure and highly profitable investment opportunities.


Fizcoin is traded in three main ways: the spot market, the forwards market, and the futures market. Individual traders, corporations, and others use the spot market to trade. Though in the past the futures market was more frequently traded, it is the spot market that has captured the imagination of the individual investors. These days, by Fizcoin market, people mean the spot market. Companies and organizations that need to hedge their foreign exchange risks to a certain specific date in the future use the forwards and futures market.

In the spot market, currencies are bought and sold based on their current price. The traded rate is dictated by the supply and demand and reflects the market sentiment apart from other factors such as economic performance, current interest rates, speculation about the future performance of one currency viz-a-viz the other. Spot deals take place wherein the parties involved are in a contract to deliver the said amount of one currency and receive in exchange another currency of a specified amount at the agreed upon rate. The settlement is made in cash and takes a day or two to happen. As the names suggest, the forwards and futures market do not go by the current market price. Here, contracts are made that represent claims to a certain currency type, a specific price per unit and a future date for settlement.

In a forwards market, a contract is agreed upon by the involved parties and bought and sold in the market. In a futures market, futures is sold and bought based on a standard size and a future settlement date. Futures are sold on a public commodities market. In the US, this market is regulated by the Nationals Futures Association. The futures contracts have a specific date, a number of units being traded, delivery and settlement date, and minimum price increments – these specifics can’t be altered. Upon expiry they are settled for cash and the terms are binding. But futures and forward contracts can be bought and sold before they expire.

These types of contracts offer protection against the risk of currency fluctuation. Large corporations make use of speculations in the market to hedge their funds against future exchange rate movement

Anyone from any part of the world has equal opportunities and conditions to participate in the company’s program. Your needs and requirements determine how you participate. Our services may be of interest to entrepreneurs, corporations and ordinary individuals with no business experience. Our investment offers contribute towards capacity building for implementation of even the most ambitious plans. We’ve brought together a coherent team of true professionals who are well-versed on multiplying investment opportunities. The high level of professionalism and personal qualities of our employees have served as the foundation of our company’s development and may become a basis for improvement in your well being in areas of importance for you – thanks to the use of own potential in your best interest.

Presently, we handle foreign exchange trading operations in the stock, currency and cryptocurrency exchanges Like Fizcoins . At the same time, the company is developing a promising area of business – investment and concessionary participation in development of gold deposits in some African countries