Investment offers

We offer 3.5% daily interest on all Fizcoins traded with us.


  1. You can register on our site and buy Fizcoins from your account with us
  2. or

  3. You can get Fizcoins from
  4. When you get your Fizcoins contact us we will trade them for you.
  5. Each Fizcoin will have an ORDER number, we will need it when you start trading with us.
  6. There are two type of Fizcoin we use:
    1. Trade coin: are used to trade/invest like normal investment money for specif period.
    2. Extension coin DON'T apply anymore.
Stokvel Group investments
Min of group Min Fizcoins Interest daily Period
2 members 25 1% Min of 30 days
2 members 50 4% Min of 30 days
2 members 100 6% Min of 30 days
2 members 200 8% Min of 30 days
MIN FIZCOIN: Is the minimum number of Fizcoins needed. INTEREST DAILY: Is the interest that will be received daily based on the minimum number of Fizcoin contributed. PERIOD: Is the time frame to share interest earned.
Terms and conditions of the stokvel:
  • You can trade Fizcoins with people you don’t know, we can organise a new group for you.
    • If you are alone the system will give you extra new member to make two members.
    • If you are two members, the system will give you extra two members to make four members.
    • If you are Five members, the system will give you extra five members to make ten members. etc.
  • Can a member be in different groups at the same time?-YES
  • Can a member bring he’s family?-YES
  • Who will monitor the trade account?
    • Among the group members, 2 must be selected to represent other members and they will have access to monitor the trade. Or
    • All members can have access to trade account.
  • How will members withdraw?
    • You will sell back your Fizcoins and exchange them to money at
    • Each member’s money will be paid to he’s/her bank account separate.
  • How to start?
    • You must first buy Fizcoins ( and get order and SKU number- the ORDER number will be used to recognise you in the group.
    • After your purchase of Fizcoins you need to complete the application form with the order numbers of your members if any available.
      • Application form will be available on request at
    • Once the application is completed you will then start to earn daily interest with your members and have access to monitor the account.

Have more question?, contact us.